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PayPerPost's new acquisition.


As I have said before and many times, PayPerPost's concept of blogging to reach a wide scope of audiences for advertisers is something really new and unique. There are also many other activities for us Posties, activities which are beneficial, by the way, and which helps us to improve our blogs and way of blogging.

This opportunity which I am writing about right now is also concerning an announcement which is very interesting and also quite unexpected (for me, anyway). Guess what PayPerPost is up to right now and are going to announce? Well.... *drum roll* apparently next week they will announce that PayPerPost has acquired a new company.

God knows which company, but I figure that as long as it was their decision, it will not be something bad. For all I know, it could be a company producing mattresses! salted fish! mashed potatoes! office furniture! and yet, I still believe that PayPerPost would have entirely good reasons for spending good money (Nobody wastes money on acquiring companies, man).

As a Postie, I would say that I find this move interesting, but I am not too concerned about the impending decision by PayPerPost as long as it does not require us to fight for more opportunities or have the number of suitable opprtunities being decreased. I would really cry then. I am a little bit apprehensive but am looking forward to see which company it is next week when the news is announced. Fellow Posties, look out for it!


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