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*Sponsored post*

I freakin HATE it when I sign up for something online (communities,contests, blablabla) and get my poor e-mail inbox chock full of spam. Whogets.com, promises NO SPAM (how true is that? Read on to find out for yourselves).

For free membership at whogets.com, members are able to enter online contests via the WhoGetsTM website. There is no need to buy anything, or even complete offers to participate in the hundreds of contests. In fact, if you do not feel like taking part in the contests, there is this option of buying the prizes with the 'Buy It Now' option.


Details of Whogets.com in the press release below:

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) April 24, 2007 -- Arcavate Corporation, a leader in web 2.0 innovation and fun, announces the beta launch of its newest site, whogets.com. WhoGets combines all the excitement of winning great prizes with the viral interactive power of a voting community.

In a game show format, WhoGets.com offers members the chance to win a huge array of prizes in its online contests. They simply enter the contests for the products that interest them. The contestant has the opportunity to tell the community members why they should vote for him. whogets members decide who wins each contest. The contestant with the most votes wins the prize. There are no offers to complete, and whogets will not solicite its members for any other offers. There's no fee for membership or for joining the contests. If a member would rather skip the contest and buy one of the prizes outright, he can take advantage of the Buy It Now feature.

There isn't any other site like whogets.com. We are excited to see where the community takes it. It should be fun
"There isn't any other site like whogets.com. We are excited to see where the community takes it. It should be fun," Russ Snapper said.

WhoGets is just one more way Arcavate delivers on its simple philosophy -- offer friendly, fun, innovative sites that create value for their visitors.


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