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The wedding : Part 2 with photos

Remember my post about The Wedding? Or rather Danny & Poonam's wedding?

Well, I finally got all the pictures a week or so ago.(But I'm not showing you all, obviously. Siao ar? Too much photos okay!)

All the next few pictures are really special to me anyway as they were taken by ah ling (that's me! XD) using Ah Drew's Canon 300D. My first time playing with a DSLR, and it really 'poisoned' me. Now I'd just DIE for a DSLR. *coughcoughsponsorsanybody?cough*

The bride's HUGE ASS bouquet of roses on the bridal chamber.

The ballroom

Cake. One of the yummiest cake EVER. And it's all HOMEMADE.So pretty kan?


And more cake

Nice or not? You better say they're nice, or else..I'd...I'd....haiya. If you don't say that they're nice what can I do ar?

And because I'm nice, and you're even nicer for reading my blog, here are a few more pictures. Not taken by me of course, i think the next few were taken by Ah Drew.

Me and the penguinboyfriend's attention being captivated by god-knows-what.

Adam, me, and the penguinboyfriend caught drinking.Heh.

This time only Adam and I. Confirmed it's Ah Drew who took the picture.

The penguinboyfriend and I caught 'chimping'. In case you don't know what's that, it's a term used when a person keeps looking back at the last photo he/she took which is shown on the camera's display screen. (Thanks Jay.)

And one more of the penguinboyfriend and I which you have all seen before.

ah ling

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I love your dress!!

Meep. Thanks, it's from Forever 21. Btw, i if i go over it'll be on the 31st May.

Brilliant! I'm done with exams on the 25th of May.

And what do you mean by "if"? You MUST come over! *sigh* Ah Ling, Ah Ling... so many things have happened.

Hopefully I'll see you when I see you la. I plan to go travelling around July/August/September/October (don't know when yet) so if you wanna go anywhere in Europe, or even other parts of the UK, let me know... It would be fun travelling with you. =)

Hope you're doing well. I'll see you soon!

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