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Something which the penguinboyfriend and I have been doing alot lately.

I'm talking about grocery shopping-lah, you perverts XD

So the other day we went to Tesco (actually, we were supposed to go to Tesco just now but there was a meeting).

And almost EVERYTHING was on sale. S.A.L.E.

Look! It's the 'PROMOSI'(promotion) signs! They were everywhere!!!

Lately, the penguinboyfriend and I have been doing something a lot.

Even the ice-cream was on promotion =.=""

I was so happy that there was finally pistachio ice-cream! Surprisingly, for King's brand ice-cream, it's not bad at all.(Jamie introduced me to it) Weird considering that when I was much younger, I absolutely HATED pistachio ice-cream.

Here's a picture of the penguinboyfriend being all shocked that the ice-cream is on sale:

But there's one thing that had absolutely no price tag and I couldn't even get the barcode scanner machine thingy to scan the information because the machine didn't even bother with my antics.

It's myself-lah. I'm not for sale wat...

ah ling

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