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This is really how the heart breaks.

I don't know what to say or do now. All I know is that I really feel like killing someone tearing my heart out and stomping hard on it and then try to pick up the pieces of whatever is left and stuff the back in to the gaping void in my body. Because this is really how the heart breaks.

And I don't really know what to say anymore, because I'm tired of talking, tired of talking, and tired of talking. And when I do talk, nobody really listens to whatever case I have to plead. I'm tired of all there is because this is really how my heart breaks.

-ah ling-

P.S: This post is kinda emo (okay, really emo) but I don't have the energy nor the mood to be my usual ah ling self.

Am feeling much better now after finishing my ranting. Things will turn out to be better, I hope. Or am I being a little too optimistic? *shrugs* Have to find out for myself, I guess.


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