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What a stressful stressful day,

All in the span of 1 hour shite really can happen

It started like this.

The penguinboyfriend and I were supposed to go for 'pan mee' but since the coffeeshop was closed, we headed towards the nearest Celcom outlet to pay our phone bills.Then small fart (brother no.2) called and asked us to pick him up from school.
Okay, no problem there.

The thing was, once there we agreed to send two of small fart's friends back home and it was raining heavily. As in storming.

So off we went, and on the way to the first friend's house, the roads were flooded. Shite okay. After going through the flooded tunnel, the penguinboyfriend's car started revving. The accelerator pedal got stuck, and there was a burning smell. Do you know how freaked out we all were? And it didn't help that someone was saying stuff like "The car is going to explode!"

Whenever the engine was turned on after that the darn car idled at 6,000 rpm! Scary sial!!

*sigh* there was like no freakin' way to drive the car all the way to One Utama (nearest and most trusted mechanic) without killing the car any further so I called AAM (lifesaver!!). To cut a long story short, the car got towed to Eneos, with the penguinboyfriend and I sitting in the front seat, and small fart and his other friend sitting in the car, and the car got fixed, and we had breakfast at 5 something in the evening.

What an ordeal, man. We were all damn stressed out. Apparently water got into the carburator(?) thus all the mad revving action.

Yam back home now with the penguinboyfriend and feeling much better now.

Have a great weekend, and mind the flooded roads! (if not give me a call and i'll give you the tow truck's number. Quite cheap and great service.)

ah ling

P.S: If your name is 'Jun' and you stay in BU 11, I'm never giving you a lift back home again.Ever.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!