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The reasons why I have to eat grass.


Okay, may be I won't go for the grass yet. ah Karen joked that I should catch em' pigeons and cook/roast/broil/fry them =.=""" But of course I didn't so I bought chicken wings and fries.Meh.

You know, I just did a post about my shoe fetishstory. And well, I added another pair to it earlier on. And also a few accessories to my growing accessory collection as well.

Anyway, here are TWO more reasons why I am going to have to eat grass soon.

REASON NUMBER ONE (as mentioned here on my wordpress blog :

The results of Marc Jacobs + Pan Am's Collaboration effort in WHITE:

I like the tag!! It was purposely made to look like those baggage tags you get when travelling:

Please ignore my fat arms. They are horrible to look at, I know.

And for the second reason:



Hello baby....!!

Nikon D40.

Really really wanted a DSLR, but I couldn't justify paying an extra RM 700++ for the Canon 400D, so I got the Nikon instead. should be good enough for a noob like me, I think.

ah ling

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OMG ! dslr ! I also want one. Now 400d is almost same price as d40x, since 40d is out, I guess 30d price will drop, let's see if it drops, i get 30d =). happy shooting. glad u like it.

omg!! i just realized you left a comment in my blog!! after nearly a year! apologies on my end..=)

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