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Pepsi cola

Have you watch commercial ads of pepsi or coca cola? Well, i'm sure you do unless you don't watch tv at all.

*Well, there is always youtube, you can search from there.*

If you notice, in the commercial, you'll see a guy drink a pepsi or coke and it will be a party haven with lots of chicks in bikini or some sexy outfits. Hell, you could get britney spears to seduce or think you are sexy for drinking a pepsi.

So here i am, on my living room, drinking pepsi, where are the babes?

Maybe its because i got my pepsi mixed with ice. Otherwise i'll have girls swarming over me like madness.

The weekend are here guys. Enjoy it ya!

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WTH =.=""

I read it and I was like huh, since when did I blog about Pepsi?


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