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Clearing 2007.

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It's freezing outside, and my hands are still a little numb, but that is totally beside the point. The point is, we just walked past campus, and I was wondering how my life would be like if I had applied to study at another university like the University of Bedfordshire.

Anyway, I don't have to wonder anymore. See, I just have to do some Clearing. Are you confused yet? Well, don't be. The University of Bedfordshire - Clearing 2007 event is taking place now from this Thursday (16 August) till the 21st of September. It is a system used by more than 30,000 people to find the most suitable courses for them at university, and at the same time used by those who have already applied for a course but did not achieve the grades required to enter their first or next choice institutions of study.

So, yeah, Clearing 2007 only happens for a short period of time. Unless you want to be faced with regret until Clearing happens again next year, my suggestion is that you better act quickly.


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