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The shopperholic strikes again/ the penguinboyfriend's mother's belated birthday present

Remember my post about
online shopping sponsored by PPP

Well, today I finally received the penguinboyfriend's mother's belated
birthday gift. Just in time, too, as the penguinboyfriend can bring it back for her this weekend. Anyhow, interested in seeing what it is?

Here's a clue :

Now guess what is inside?

I'll explain why there are two boxes later.

The penguin boyfriend's mother specifically stated that she wanted this wristlet in lilac. So okay, what she wants, she gets. (Don't get me wrong, she's a very nice person and both the penguinboyfriend's parents treat me like their daughter.Can't say the same for my parents, though. That's why I'm willing to get it for her.)

But that was only what was contained in ONE box right? So why is there another box?

The answer is that was because I couldn't resist, so I got myself one also. Easy question or not?

Great for clubbing.Cards,cash,phone(s),ciggies, and I'm all set.

I also got something else. But I'm keeping it secret for someone's birthday. So no information about it here and obviously no pictures about it too!!

ah ling


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