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Stressed out finding stocking stuffers.

Holiday seasons are always fun, especially when receiving is involved. However, have you forgotten that most of us GIVE more than receive ever since we grew up? (If you haven't grown up, then please ignore the sentence above, thank you very much.) So stressful, all the more since money is involved right? To be more precise, your money.

There is an effective way to lessen the stress, and it is by using coupons when shopping. This is especially helpful, since I would love to be able to afford the most amazing gifts ever from my parents, like loads of apparel as well as accessories from DKNY, as well as a whole heap of doggie toys from PetsMART for my darling labrador Candy.

In case you have conveniently forgotten about the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, well, start planning now to avoid the stress which typically increases faster than ladies' eyes widen when they see the 'SALE' sign as it would make for memorable gifts.


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!