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Number plate 'yang tidak senonoh'.

Saw this earlier and snapped a picture of it while walking in Norfolk Park to reach the Sheffield Fayre.I don't ever think the government back in Malaysia would EVER EVER approve of having a personalized vehicle number plate like the one below though:


On another hand, took like a few hundred pictures of the event happening today at the park. Had loads of fun watching the 'sadistic history' displays with lots of gunpowder action. There was even a real functioning tank there okay! A few pictures of me soaking up the sun have been put up on my friendster account. Mainly took pictures of the actors and actresses who were dressed up in olden day era costumes. I saw knights wearing REAL CHAINMAIL OKAY. How cool is that? Also there were many dogs there. Molested Played with a black labrador since I miss my Candy so much. The lab's owner described his dog as a 'daft' dog. How come every labrador owner which I talk to over here describe their labs as 'daft'? =.="""" But of course they mean it lovingly. Heh.

The weather was lovely yesterday.

Sorry to leave you with a picture of a kite flying in the sky. It's just that I have yet to sort through all the pictures. Hooray for 2 Gig memory cards!! ^_^

ah ling

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