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Mint credit cards.

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Back in Malaysia, the usage of plastic is not as rampant as it is over here. Do you know that even in fast food restaurants here I can use my debit card? But I digress. Credit cards are all the rage here. Seriously. But how does anyone choose? There are a whole lot of options and it is pretty easy to
apply for a credit card. Anyway, I realised that there is a card called the Mint credit card, and it has a low interest rate. Not only that, it has pretty good introductory offers like 0% on purchases and 0% on balance transfers. On top of that, there are a whole host of benefits and features like a free additional card for a friend or partner, online fraud protection and also offers on wine, travel and leisure services. So, if you need to apply for an additional card, Mint is worth checking out.


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