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uVme ; games which pay off.

You can register on the site and view the videos, see how the system works and invite your friends to do the same.
the system is launching in late September / early October , and a large instant bonus when they introduce a business builder. The commission is paid on multiple levels (like MLM's such as Avon or Herbalife)

There will be tournaments where each player pays a small fee and the winner takes all.

*Sponsored post*

How much more creative can creative be? How many sites do you know of which will actually allow you to pay to play skill games by pitting out against real life players, where the winner will get the money and choose to either use it to further play other people or cash out? Well, actually this site's system is actually based on the concept of direct marketing plus social networking. Members can be players and earn cold hard cash by simply playing and winning games against other members OR pay to be a business builder (call it a capital investment) and be paid a commission for every player they introduce. There is also a large instant bonus if.......Okay, I am not going to give away too much. You can always read
Andy Baileys blog (Andy Bailey being the owner of this domain) to learn about this. What I think is great about the site is that there are ample opportunities made ready for users to network. How? Well, a blog platform is provided in the site, as well as a uni-messenger interface which allows members to challenge non-members to a game. Get your move on quick since registration is free till the launch anytime in between early September till early October.


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