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...with my new baby has been fun. Yeah! =) And ah Don actually called me up to tell me that he hates me =.=""""" No wonder I smelt something totally green. Seems that it was coming from him. Heheheh..

Anyway running up and down the library's flight of stairs today was SO NOT FUN. This is because I was stupid enough to send my materials from printing down to the other printers when in fact there were so many printers on the floor I was on -___-
Not only that, since I was running up and down most of the time, some mofo stole my pen from my workstation *curses the person to have bad luck for the next 72 generations and also that the person will suffer from a severe case of ingrown pubic hair*

Bah. Anyway yam back home right now, and it is so freakin' hot today! Wth, the weather is sick again. Hopefully it keeps up for the next few days though. Having Mr. Sun around is so much better than it being rainy all the while. Going to Embrace again tomorrow night. Any one wanna tag along?

ah ling

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