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Top-up / Pictures of the match

..was successful. Control over weak mind NOT to got shopping was unsuccessful =(

Crazy. Madness. Siao.Gila. Weak. Bah.

But you all already knew that right?

Really really wanted to post some pictures up, but because of a really really unexpected crisis, all I want to do now is just cry and curl up to sleep but I can't because I stupidly washed my hair as my mind was somewhere else. Bah.

So I know that I said that I would post a picture of a Malaysian dish which I ate recently, but I am too lazy to search for it right now, so here's a few piccas of the before, after and during the Man U vs. Intermilan pre-season friendly match. Man U lost, btw.

The tickets, muahahaha.


Mascot on the field. Awaiting the moment when we would actually catch a life-changing glimpse of the players.

Here's a short video clip to let you guys know how it felt like to be there before the match. Watch my friend ignore me =(

Watch the players coming out to the field. I think you can hear ah karen and I scream and scream and scream. Gosh, I didn't know we screamed so much. In fact, I didn't know that we actually possessed the capability to scream that much. Girls. Heh.

Also we saw something we NEVER expected to see. Shall I just say that 'it' consisted of something really white and two balls?

All photos and videos courtesy of ah karen.

ah ling

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