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3D hand-drawn artists impressions.

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We were talking about what courses we should have pursued our field of study in, and I admitted that I should perhaps have gone into graphic design. The problem is, I had given some earnest thought to it before, but I know that I would not have been able to cope as I am not good in the creativity department. Anyhow, that has long since passed, and since I strongly believe that I should have no regrets (I can't afford to! I spent four years studying business!!), I will say that in the future, should I require the need of such materials, I can always count on others to help me out. Like in today's presentation. Thank god for a friend who helped us out by providing us with our professional looking advertising and promotional materials. But I digress.

The point here is that I am sure many business owners will be more than willing to pay for an individually produced hand-drawn 3D artist's impression of your building like your school, hotel or hospital. Not only is it cool, but it is also functional. Why? This is because a beautifully drawn building benefits your company's image as the artists can and will bring out the best characteristics of the premises.

Imagine if you were thinking of using a normal picture of your future building project in your advertising and promotional materials. Now compare that picture which is nothing out of the ordinary side by side with a 3D 3D artwork and floorplans instead. Of course my eye would be drawn to the artists impression instead, since for me it would be more eye-catching and would have made a much deeper impact on me.

Anyway all artists on the site have been commissioned to conduct a full physical and photographic survey from which a rough is first produced in line with your perspective. Before final completion, a full proof is submitted for the client's approval, either in colour or monochrome. The ownership of the work is then passed to the client for any future uses which means that you do not have to pay to use it again in the future. Thinking of doing something different? Then it is worth checking it out.


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