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I got something cut...

I got my fringe cut!!

wahahahah..I figured that either my fringe or my original hair colour goes. After weighing the pros and cons (cheh! takde pun, tapi mahu lansi sikit), I decided to do the chopchopsnipsnip whatever you may call it either that or get killed by the father-in-law- when I get back.
thanks ah karen for helping me cut my fringe.

and I went shopping again today. I only meant to pop into the Vodaphone outlet to top-up my mobile but I got pulled into the various stores at the High Street. *sigh*
Maybe next time I should do what my house mate suggested i do; just go out with 5 pounds for the top-up and leave the cards at home. Maybe I will do that.

Will be going to watch Manchester United play Intermilan at Old Trafford tomorrow. Even though it's just a friendly match, and I am in no way a fan of the Red Devils, I
have to say that I am utterly excited at the thought of being able to watch a real live football match. I.Can't.Wait.

Also, finally had a Malaysian dish. It was so akin to an orgasm, words fail to describe it. I can only think of one phrase; so worth waiting for. Guess what I ate? My darlings here with me who ate the same thing and who are reading this post please do NOT say what it is. A picture of it in the next non-sponsored post.

ah ling

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