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ah ling has a surprise.

Yes, I do.

When I started this blog, well, not many people knew about its existence. I can safely say that less than 5 people read this blog, and also then,anticipating the numbers on the blogpatrol counter go up was even worse than watching a snail crawl the length of my arm. Suffice to say, the number of readers here has since increased (thank you all you beautiful people!), and because of that, I have had to practice self-censorship due to personal reasons.

So, I would like to say that...

I have started a new blog here. Some of the posts will be made private, some not. But for sure I will still be as random as I will be. Will definitely still be selling my soul blogging here, so don't go away yah? Just check back on my new bloggie to see if I update. Here's to
things to come.

ah ling

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