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Now Hiring Canada.

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I refuse to join the working world! I refuse to join the rat race!! I dread looking for a job when I am done with studying. But does it make any difference? I have no choice right? *sigh* What if I apply for a job which states that it requires candidates to contribute towards their advertising and promotions, but turns out otherwise? What if my future employers say that I have to deal with certain issues or problems which are outside of my stated job scope? The more I think about the more dread fills me. As a matter of fact, I have to say that I am probably more nervous thinking about this issue than other things like getting married and giving birth.

If only there was something like Now Hiring Canada, an employment service in Canada which came up with the utterly unique approach of putting custom made 'Now Hiring Go To Now-Hiring.ca' signs in business owners' windows. So what? Well, the signs direct prospective candidates to their website where the employer's information is published there. This enables the candidate(s) to learn all that they require about the available position.

There are also a lot of categories of jobs which are available on the website as well as a place to post your resume, so that employers seek you out (instead of you finding them). Nice.


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