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Photos of Candy, oh Candy.

I didn't realize that I had these pictures in my thumbdrive since it is not even my thumbdrive, if you get what I mean.

Enjoy. Pictures were taken at the K9 day held at Central Park in front of One Utama a while before I left.

An overly hornyfriendly Candy reaching out to smell the husky.

Talk about fashion show disasters!! This super cute golden retriever was parading a spiderman costume when the trousers fell off!! OMFGWTFBBQ!! So funny okay!!! It got even funnier when the owner started trying to help the dog wear the trousers again but the dog kept walking.

A penguin and a dog.

I look so wtf here.Meh.

As you can tell, I fucking miss my Candy.

Sayang(Love) your pets, kay. They love us unconditionally. Okay, well, maybe only on the conditions that you feed them and play with them. And love them back.

ah ling

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