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You see, it is not easy at all to blog about certain serious issues like entrepreneurship. If you were to ask me to do that, well, I probably could but I would most probably make it so darn boring for you to read that I would be willing to bet ten buckaroos that by the time you read my title you would be already in the land of dreams (and if you don't understand, well, in short, what I mean is that you will probably have fallen asleep before getting to the point of my blog post). But I digress.

At http://www.chrisbloczynski.com, however, well, shall I just say that I reviewed his site and I find it interesting? The only blah factor about the site which I think should not even be a blah factor is that I find it difficult to remember the spelling of his unique name. But there is always the 'bookmark' option right?

Anyway at his site, he talks about entrepreneurship as well as emphasis on principles such as mentorship, ownership and attitude. In fact, there was an article there about the elevator pitch which I bet many of you have not heard about (if you don't know what it is about, well, it is about getting your business pitch across as quickly and effectively as possible in the same time that it takes and elevator to reach the top floor from the bottom). I have seen it in a video during tutorial class (yes, I do go for class), and if I am not mistaken, you only have about 25 seconds for an average elevator pitch unless you are at the ground floor of a 250 storey high building.

Chris Bloczynski dot Com is not only for business owners. It is in fact targeted towards bloggers as well, but I think that the target market is indeed quite wide because if you look at it, there are many lessons there which can be learnt as well, regardless if you are an ordinary average joe. So go check it out, because he actually has a competition as well.


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