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SwitchPlanet.com - entertainment for the cost of postage.


I was blog-hopping a while ago and I stumbled upon this guy's site where he listed down all the titles of movies on DVDs and CDs which he has with him right now. Yes, of course the list was impressive (okay, it was REALLY impressive!), with movies ranging from really old (I am exaggerating here, what I mean is that the movies are from a few years back, but it seems like eons to me) to some of the quite newer onesno thanks to our local DVD suppliers.

But anyway, there is a much better way to get other DVDs, CDs, books or magazines for free. Okay, nothing is free in this world. So the only thing you have to pay for is the shipping costs. What? Did you think that the post offices and shipping services around the world run on charity? Introducing the all new SwitchPlanet.com where "Use more....waste less" is their motto. SwitchPlanet.com is actually a social media trading website where members use Switchbucs (to learn what it is, read more about it here in their FAQ section) to switch their stuff for someone else's. Great way to add to your collection while saving the environment, don't you think so?

In any case, utilize the resources and make more friends at the same time. There are groups and also forums to deal with every aspects of this new unique way of trading and also to put your mind to ease with all your unanswered questions. Did I mention that while switching your stuff you will also be doing charity? Go and see what I mean....


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