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My Daily Veggies - drink your veggies.


Remember when your mum stood over you just waiting to make sure that you finished up each and every little bit of your carrots(good for your eyesight!), broccoli(good for you!!), spinach(you will be just like Popeye!) and your cabbage (so you will grow up to be strong!!)? And remember how much you hated it then? Well, if you love vegetables now, that is great! But if you don't, then there is an alternative way of ingesting the required amount of daily vegetables to maintain healthy living, and it's by drinking your vegetables so you don't have to spend ages chewing the veggies and suppressing the gag reflex you get only when you are chewing vegetables.

I supposed it would be really great for picky eaters, especially for kids (okay, some adults too) who absolutely detest any kind of food which even remotely resembles vegetables. Hey, in its easy to use packet form, and with the recipes given at their site, it is pretty easy to disguise it in food of most forms.

So for the camping enthusiast or even the boy scout, you do not have to worry anymore about finding methods of bringing along fresh vegetables along with you into the wilderness; just bring along a packet of My Daily Veggies as a daily dietary supplement or a 'on the go food'.

You can always go the website to get a My Daily Veggies Free Sample before you decide to purchase it. But it's really quite brilliant; just a packet a day to keep healthy.


I bet it sucks big time.

¿¿ɹǝpɹo oʇ ʍoɥ' ʇuɐʍ ı

donny - never try, never know.

omg - I'm flattered you spent time typing upside down. Or maybe I'm just too tired now my eyes are playing tricks on me. Order from their site-lah.

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