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The construction software buyer's guide.

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Hmmm...while reading the general overview section of the Construction Software Buyer Guide which answers many (many many!) questions how businesses which perform work on a project by project basis should choose construction software which best suits the nature of the business and their requirements, I couldn't help but wonder if the curly haired,yellow boots-wearing, hokkien speaking contractor with a mole on his face would have invested in this software...He probably would have, if only he knew about the existence of such a useful software buyer guide as well as the accounting software.

Anyhow, the guide also touches on issues like the more common features of construction software, how constructing accounting software is generally different from other accounting software packages as well as additional information which would be of much use to homebuilders, union contractors as well as land developers. If the highly comprehensive guide doesn't answer all of your questions (yes, inquisitive minds and all that..), well, there are loads of links at the bottom of the page to additional resources and information.


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