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I am not as faithful as he thinks...

yup, that is absolutely right. You read it correctly. But the sad part is, the penguinboyfriend knows about it. You see, I was talking to him many days ago through the MSN videocall feature, and I told him that I had been dating another male for the past two days.

I really did not know how to comprehend the look on his face; that ultra-familiar penguinboyfriend face suddenly morphed into a complete stranger's. "You what? I'm leaving you," he declared. Shite.

So I quickly explained the situation; The male which I had been dating was my lappy. I even told the penguinboyfriend the sordid details of our intimate affair. The times when we just stared at each other ; my lappy looks at me, and I look at it. The times when I just let my hands run all over it, and the times when I just kept banging it.

Dear penguinboyfriend, if you read this then I want to say that I love you.Tomorrow marks a certain special niche in my life. Meep.

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Ah ling stares at lappy,
lappy stares back at ah ling,

you know what?

The lappy is prettier then ah ling.

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