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Gothic dating for you?

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Ever since I got myassself here, I noticed that people here are generally less conservative in their dressing, and that the individual styles of dressing really reflect their individualism. For instance, it was a bit of a culture shock for me to see people dressing in a gothic way. What is that, you may ask. Well, the many people I have observed dressing that way generally have dark or red hair, have heavily-lined eyes, and are dressed in black.

Unfortunately for me, I think my observations as a whole are not too accurate. Why? Because at this site where it is for gothic dating, I realized that not all the pictures in the profiles there fit in what I observed, and that I should not have generalized the people who dress that way.

There are many features available for people seeking for partners there. Just like any good matchmaking website should, the website has a quick search feature which makes it a lot easier to narrow down what one is looking for in his/her partner.

You can even specify the distance or vicinity which the person stays,see who is online and it is free to join *mental note to self = must keep the penguinboyfriend away*.
Who knows? Maybe he will suddenly feel like dating a goth chick. *gulp*


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