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who says i don't have any willpower?

Anyone care to dispute me on that?

Yeap, I guess there are. Anyway, I actually turned down free drinks(two!) and free entrance to Embrace club-leh! Clever ah ling! *pats head and gives self standing ovation* For real. Seriously. Because I have a presentation tomorrow and I need to go to the casino tonight and because I have to blog. Lol.

The club will always be there, and somehow I don't feel like clubbing tonight. Not used to clubbing on a Monday-lah.

On the other hand (pun intended), I managed to stab my finger with a knife. Ouch. Not as gory as hitting my finger with a nail *ehem ehem Jon cough ehem*, but still painful, nevertheless. Luckily it didn't bleed though, I just nicked the skin. Damn clumsy, I am. I have even been managing to walk into stationary objects. How sad is that.

Clumsiness. Sigh.

ah ling

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