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i'm not a plastic bag.

okay, i reserved 2 of Anya Hindmarch's lovely creations which were supposed to help save the environment a few months ago. Before it was launched, I got my ass on a Thai Airways plane (with the most fucked up service I have EVER gotten. For them 'farangs' are like God, and if you are anyone else except a 'farang', then you get totally fucked up service. Thai Airways, you really suck. Read me? Your airline service sucksdonkeycockbigtimedotcom.) to British soil, and I entrusted the penguinboyfriend with the task of collecting my bags for me. Enter the launch date, and the mayhem of people queuing up early in the morning and then rushing to get the bag, which was sold out. In fact, I heard that many people who reserved the bags months ago(like me) did not get their orders, but others did.

Anyway, after much calls made to them (thanks Drew and my darling penguinboyfriend), most of the time they didn't bother to pick up the phone (tsktsktsk, bad customer service), the penguinboyfriend sends me a message saying that they told him that......sigh.....nevermind.

Stick around to find out what happened soon.

After typing all the above crap, I find it totally pointless. My conclusion of this whole blog entry is that I think I should really sleep soon.

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