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Poker online dating - You don't have to keep a straight face on.

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Yesterday I went to the casino (as usual), but the five-card poker table was not open, so I played roulette instead (first time ever! But that is another story for later). But I digress. What I am trying to get across is that given the choice, I would have preferred to have been given a chance to sit down at the poker table. Anyway, I cannot help but wonder what IF I had met the penguinboyfriend at a poker table. Imagine this, a stranger sits down opposite me. We reach out to take the cards which have been dealt. We both slowly turn the cards over and then.....*cheng cheng cheng*....our eyes slowly look up at meet. Wahlau. *shudders* Okay, before it becomes x-rated, I shall practice self-censorship and stop wondering now. But I can't really. Because it would mean that we would be poker freaks.

But just in case my little story of 'what-if' that I conjured out of my imagination did get you wondering when you are going to finally meet a tall dark handsome (or tall curvy babelicious) stranger at the poker table, well, you don't have to wait forever then. Raise the stakes and try out Online Poker Dating instead. A free unique dating website which caters to single poker players (and also poker fans) who seek love, online poker players can meet their match (quite literally or figuratively, you decide!) there.There's even the option of video chat, instant messaging features and much more. The higher the risks, the greater
the return, eh?


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