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retail therapy.

Works everytime even though I'm not emo anymore.

Went to Meadowhall(a 5 minutes train ride away). It is a shopping centre. Yes, it is huge, but unfortunately there was a flood that day and it affected most of the tenants on the lower ground floor, so even the food court and most of the shops on that floor were not open.

But La Senza was. Went in once, and came out with a HUGE bag of goodies. No, I'm not posting the pictures of what I bought here, but I am very pleased with my buys. Went in there later, before going back and came out with another bag again. Lol. I must have looked as if I have been deprived of lingerie shopping. Got a jacket too, and a belt from Marks & Spencers (for the penguinboyfriend). Actually I got him the exact same one from the High Street here, but the size was too big and they were out of stocks, so I got one in his size at Meadowhall and got a refund for the former one today. The exchange and refund policy here rocks..

Going to Leeds tomorrow. For more shopping again...*sigh* I have to control myself. Control. CONTROL....

ah ling

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