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Shopping post.

Today I went shopping. The lure of the four letter word SALE was too much to resist. It's akin to dangling a piece of juicy medium-rare steak in front of a starving carnivorous son of Adam who's only aim in life is to consume as much half-cooked meat in his lifetime as possible.

I am a daughter of Eve, if anyone gives two hoots anyway. But I digress. Shopping, yes, glorious shopping. It helped boost my mood today by maybe 20 points. This is despite the fact that it was raining quite heavily (I contemplated bringing along my soap and shampoo.Free bath hor.) and the pavements are really really slippery especially if one is stupid enough to wear slippers with not-so-good grip (that would be me). Thank god for 'stabilizers' also known as my house mates.

From the half an hour shopping stop in Manchester (notice the Manchester United merchandise which was bought earlier on in the day @ Old Trafford) + some Dorothy Perkins stuff from the High Street in Sheffield:

And some tops from Dorothy Perkins + Morgan which I got earlier today:

The clothing in my wardrobe now come in many different colours instead of just in black. Many people especially the penguinboyfriend will be so proud of me. Lol.

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