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Madness. How was your 070707 day? If so many people got married on that day, imagine how it is going to be like next year on the 8th of August. (080808 if you don't already know what I am going to say)

Maybe I should aim to get married on that day too? *ponders* But then again I could always wait till the 9th September 2009. Or 10th October 2010. How ar, penguin boyfriend? What do you think? Or maybe I should not get married at all and continue practicing domestic partnership. *runs away and hides*

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Not a very happy day 070707 is as I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life on that very day.

Took the first bus home the following day (basically a few hours after I spoke to you). Got loads to tell you. *sigh*


Owh shite. just hope it's not what I'm thinking it is. Gimme a call whenever you want. Have some stuff to ask you too. *huwgs*

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