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making space for new things in life.

And I'm not talking about babies. Or pets. Nope. I'm talking about.......

*drum roll*

handbags!! But what's so surprising about that anyway? I have been cracking my head, figuring out how to rearrange my stuff in my wardrobe. You see, I didn't bring much articles of clothing and shoes, nor did I bring any accessories. I only brought two handbags with me and a mini-skinny (for my Ipod, bless the penguinboyfriend for making me bring it as it kept me company countless times when I travelled). So yeah. Still need to figure out the best way to rearrange my stuff. Oh and I am loving the new bag that Ms. Ho bought. Such a lovely summer bag really. Am really tempted to
get one for myself. But my summer bag should be on its way here(if the postal service doesn't fail me). And a wristlet too (didn't bring any of mine here, figured I should just add one to my collection. My excuse = "I don't have it in that colour!!") *shakes head* A picture of my latest shopping mini-spree up later. Took just one picture because the bags were cluttering my room. Heh.

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