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You see, because of the extremely *ehem* strategic location of my flat, my friends and I have been able to visit the casino every other night or so(okay, I did not go yesterday because I was too tired). Before coming here, I have to admit that I have only visited 'Uncle Lim' twice (Uncle Lim = well-known casino owner in Malaysia), and most of the time there was spent at the roulette and 'tai sai' (big small) tables. I always wanted to learn how to play poker though, but I never got a chance to learn. Until now. I am proud to say that I have since learned how to play poker but have yet to learn how to keep a good poker face.

But that is beside the point. Now, even if I do not want to walk to the casino to play, or if the poker tables are closed, or even if I do not want to go way up the hills back in Malaysia to gamble, I can just bet online from a whole range of online betting sites. How can I be sure? Well, Top Sportsbook And Poker Reviews And Recommendations provides links to a whole lot of recommended online poker websites. There are actually lots of reviews where the casinos reviewed on the website are tested on a regular basis and according to distinct criteria. If the casino fails to meet any of the Top Sportsbook and Poker Reviews and Recommendations's website's stringent testing, then you will not see the casino anywhere on the website. Nice.

For avid gamblers, go have a look at the site. As its name states, there are also loads of links to recommended sportsbook websites online for all types of sports. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


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