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the weather...

has been great these few days!!

Seriously!! =)

But summer is due to end soon as well as all the sales. =(

Anyhow, hopefully the spate of great weather will continue soon, as it means that I get to soak up the sun and at the same time get the excuse to wear less clothing as possible.

Went to Embrace yesterday night, it was Mardi Gras part night, so for most of the electro/trance/techno/mashed up songs, there was this cute guy playing those drums (not sure about the correct term to describe them) for an added tribal beat. Something like what you get to hear in Safri Duo songs. The guy was *ehem ehem* cute. Lol. And I told the penguinboyfriend about him, and I could practically hear him sweating all the way from Malaysia. The penguinboyfriend told me "Happy Checking out Guys!" =.="""" Ahahahha, see, that's why I love him so much even though at some times I just feel like grabbing an electric fly-swatter and electrocuting him.. *muax*

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