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a letter to ah ying.

Dear ah ying,

so you finally realized that the world wide web is open to every Tom, Dick and HarryJack? Well, unfortunately, it is. I didn't mean to stumble upon your blog. The ironic thing is, I wasn't even looking for it. I was searching for.....nevermind. If i were to say what I was searching for, other people will stumble upon your secret lil' blog hovering in its safe anonymous existence in cyberspace xD

So you bitch about us in other blogs? Hhmmmm....

Cheers! and hugs from your dear friend who lives in no.95 with the green gate ah ling.


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Oh my god. Damn sad wei.

what's damn sad?

i know the overall irony of it is damn sad, but were you referring to that? =.=

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