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Redinbox - your very own unique phone number email.

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I am still wondering how the heck my phone number can also be my e-mail address? And exactly how important is the e-mail function in one's life anyway? Ponder this; there are about 1.1 billion email users in the world, with 171 billion emails being sent each and every day. What the....?! The figures are simply mind-boggling. That's really amazing, really. At the same time, there are also 2.7 billion active mobile phone users in the world. This company found a way to combine the technologies of email plus mobile phone numbers. Confused yet? Let me explain further. RedInbox came out with something called a phone number email service where you can register your phone number as an email, so it will look something like this - @redinbox.co.uk. This would be especially helpful when networking. Having your phone number as part of an email address. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. The service is free, actually, so no worries about having to pay a huge sum of money to try it out. By the way, the service is spam-free, which is great
since 70% of the 171 billion emails sent everyday are actually spam.


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