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Whoring Andrew Ah Drew + L'Oreal Purezone.

You see, I find it really ironic that "Coffee, Tea and Me" was the heading above his head HERE. Especially since we share a mutual kind of hatred and wish to stab whoever says dislike towards whoever says "Coffee, tea or Me?". Yeah yeah, it's not exactly the same, the difference is only A word.

Anyway, I only found out about Andrew's involvement in the L'Oreal Purezone contest, remember Nescafe Kickstart competition? Yeah, it's like that, which involves giving the winner an opportunity to pursue his/her interest.

Andrew 1 year + ago. He looks different now. Really. Click HERE to find out as well as to vote for him.

His concept is a fusion of a kopitiam (coffee shop) with art. Yup, the artist in him will never die apparently.

See more of him explaining his concept below. The videographer SUCKS BALLS man. Like, REALLY BAD. Okay, probably I CANNOT do a much better job, but I would certainly try. I was telling Andrew that I felt like shooting the videographer in the balls, but then he told me that the cameraman was actually a SHE. And so I mentally shot another part of the body's anatomy.
Check out the "I will bring it to heaven with me" part complete with the waving of hands in the air. Totally suffering from 'SADD' (Severe Attention Deficit Disorder) man, but I sayang Ah Drew and so I voted for him.

I think the concept is really interesting. I'm not an artsy-fartsy person, however, but I think that artistically inclined people will find it interesting that they have a place to express themselves to a similar crowd?

Please take time off to check out his video and to vote for him if you agree with his concept?

The link is HERE again, and if you notice the huge-ass painting behind him, well, I WANTED (AND STILL WANT) THAT PAINTING AND HE REFUSED TO GIVE IT TO ME LAST YEAR. Ptooiii *spits*
Nice to know he didn't give it away to someone else though.

ah ling

P.S : This is probably not the best time to bring it up, but Ah Drew, You still owe me my fish painting from 6 years ago. Or has the 'debt' been paid? XD *hugs*

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