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Q : Is this normal plz help!?

ik that a bunch of people are gonna say that im way too young to know wat im talkin about but i KNOW wat im talkin about! im only 13 but im in love. i have loved him for a year now. he's my ex bf and we both love eachother still. he has asked me out but idk im im ready to take the chance of getting hurt again. i really do love him and i know that i do. i have had other bf's but he is way diffrent. even adults can tell that i love him. so my question is: is it normal for a 13 year old girl to love some1 this deeply?

* 2 minutes ago
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ah ling's answer:

< bitch mode >

Dah-linggg, if you KNOW what you are talking about in the first place, then WHY DID THIS QUESTION EVEN ARISE??!? And he is only probably trying to get in your pants. Trust me. I thought I knew all about love at 13. Nearly a decade later I am still trying to figure it out. At 13, I was one hell of a horny bitch mess of raging hormones. You probably are too. Always remember that puberty is a bitch, and I am so sorry, but apparently so am I.

P.S: Please brush up on your spelling and grammar.

< /bitch mode >


the bitch herself ah ling

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Maybe it should have been this.

/bitch mode on

Honey. You are only 13 years old. Besides, he is your ex and no one goes back to their ex because its history. Besides, if he hurt you once, he is going to hurt you again. Don't be a dumb girl and allow such prick come back to your life. I bet he has no one else so thats why he is thinking of geting you back, once a new pussy comes along, you are back in being his ex in the next 2 seconds. So honey.. Just fuck it and move on to bigger dicks when you grow older.

/bitch mode off


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