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I'm hungry so..

I would like to reminisce about Italian menfood. I'm really sorry if you are bored about reading about advertisements and other random rubbishRome already but I have not put up as many pictures as I would have liked to earlier on. Please blame it on my lazinessbad Internet connection.

Anyway, am hungry right now, which is BAD.BADBADBADBADBAD.

I want risotto. With Porcini mushrooms. Like this:

I also want grilled eggplants. And pasta. Here's a tip for those heading towards Rome. The pasta is only okay in some places, but even so the grilled veggies there served are YUM. Really.

In the foreground, my pasta with grilled eggplants and Joyce's cannelloni in the background.

And we queued up for what seemed like AGES(hey, we were STARVING okay), to eat at this highly recommended place for pizza (recommended by Joyce's friends, and also our Rome guidebook), called Baffetto.

A very non-artisticcomical caricature of the owner:

Yes, the pizza has an EGG on top. Authentic, yes, weird, yes (for us anyway).

The pastries were bloody good as well.

The bigger one has some cream inside, and the smaller one has apple filling. By the way, a croissant is a 'Corneto' in Italian, so don't feel weird ordering a corneto in Rome and not getting an ice-cream instead.

And lastly, the effects of globalization which extend to food as well:

The Golden Arches @ McDonalds.

The ice-cream with an espresso was orgasmic, so orgasmic that Joyce dragged me to a McDonald's outlet EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY WE WERE THERE.But I got to try other things well, so I am not complaining. Like the currypuff lookalikes, which have tomato paste and cheese inside. Kind of like eating an incomplete pizza.

This would be a normal feature inside most of the McD outlets there:

Coffee junkies seek sustenance here.

As well as gelato counters (think Lecka-Lecka).

Okay, no more food pictures. Kinda bored edi.

ah ling

P.S: Pictures which were not watermarked are by Joyce. And I think I pulled a muscle in my butt. God knows how. I wish God would let me know. Sigh. Have a good week ahead.

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