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Recharge @ Kota A Famosa here I come.

Yeah, I'm going. Didn't feel like going at first, but I got my ticket sponsored by Ole & Jo (Thanks guys! I know you prolly won't read this, but yeah, thanks heaps)..=)

Audrey, if you're reading this, here's to thank you in advance for helping me get my ass there (and yes,don't know if you got my text yesterday, but yes, you'll have a place to bunk in if you decide to). And ah ying + tetek leong, thanks in advance for taking me back hor....=)

Raving with a totally new set of friends + old friends. This weekend is going to be interesting. Here's to life! Cheers!!

ah ling

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i am going to A'Famosa too afterall! see you there!

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