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I don't know what to wear already!! (Part 2) / WWF (We Were Fugly)

And this time I ain't talking about work attire either.

Damnit, the Recharge rave tomorrow is going to be just a whole mess of sweaty bodies (if I could SWEAT during the Zouk Fest 2 years ago in Genting Highlands, well, I DREAD the heat tomorrow). So what to do? Wear less clothes lor....Hopefully I won't look naked when I take pictures again =.=""" This ALWAYS happens, like wtf.

If there are ANY of you who are reading this and are going there too, and IF you do bump into me, come over and say hi yeah? =)

Donny will be there, and so will Audrey and the two German guys...


WWF (We Were Fugly)

Against my better judgment, I am going to show you dear readers (there are probably like only 5 of you guys/girls or something, but nevermind) a picture taken back in my high school days when We Were totallyFugly (in Andrew's words).

Don't laugh hor? Or at least try not to lar.

Joyce, Andrew and ah ling

I know. I wouldn't even have dated myself.

And many years later, we look like this:

ah ling & Joyce

ah ying & Andrew

A hell lot better, don't you think? =)

Enjoy your weekend people.

ah ling

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