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My take on plastic.


You see, I think that it is really amazing the way we humans worship those little squares of plastic with a magnetic strip and chip embedded in them. Yup, understandably they make our lives so much more convenient (less worries than having a whole bundle of cash in your bag), but yet can cause much misery if you are not careful. If you didn't already know that I am talking about credit cards, then please go jump off the nearest high-rise building you have access to. You know, sometimes having a higher credit limit is not necessarily a good thing as along with it comes debts. Sucks huh? But true. But plastic IS essential. I mean, even fast food restaurants accept plastic. So I guess that if you do want to use credit cards, please search carefully for low rate credit cards and also compare balance transfers beforehand and also the rewards offered by different credit card companies. So always remember to spend wisely before your debts consume you alive.Heh.


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