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Plumbing is no shitty affair.

Avand.co.uk was set-up as a plumbing training company around 3 years ago. Over that time we have gone UK-wide with centres all over the UK.
A lot of our qualified plumbers began to ask about sales and how they could better their own business. So we decided to investigate that area and it has turned out to be very popular.
So we have decided to expand our business into sales training and are looking for promotion around that area.
We want you to let people know we are now offering sales training.

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You see, nowadays, everything revolves around sales. You would think that even a job like plumbing wouldn't need sales and that plumbers wouldn't need any training other than the necessary to enable them to learn the art of plumbing. Sorry then, because I would say that you are dead wrong. There are actually Sales Training Courses available for plumbers, and one company offering just that would be Avand.co.uk. This company was initially just a plumber training company, but now besides having centres all over the United Kingdom,
they actually found a niche in the plumbers' market by investigating how plumbers could better their own business, and so one thing led to another and that is how the company started having Sales Training Courses. Whoever said that plumbing was such a shitty affair(sic) in the first place?


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