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Quite honestly, I do not know Aaron. I do not know how to play DOTA either. But that's beside the point. Ever since the whole incident with the car 'getting drowned' (I'll elaborate someday if I feel like itwhich means that I'll probably won't, hah!), anything bad that happens gets blamed on Aaron not inviting us to play DOTA. So if anything goes wrong now in your life, please blame it on Aaron who didn't
invite you to play DOTA (that poor bastard!).

I digress. Just got news from ah Don that I am supposed to be Mei Ching's 'Chi Mui'. (Sorry May, forgot to tell you that I changed my hp number...) Apparently she has been sending me texts to my old number and wondering why I never responded. So ah Don was stressing that I HAVE to be one of her 'Chi Muis' since she sent me texts and even though I never got them, so I told him that it would be the same principle as someone coming up to me and telling me that I have to be a prostitute for a night since they texted me and even though there was no response from me =.=""""

Sorry-ah, feeling a bit emo today.

ah Karen became my model for that day.

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