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Don't you just love Queue Jumpers?

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I don't mean Queue Jumpers literally, just these babes and hunks who are clubbers and were spotted outside various clubs through out the UK, especially the Top 15. Loads of eye candy on the website, really. And all their pictures we taken using the new 5 megapixel Samsung G600 slim slider - the image concious phone . Anyway, from the 22nd till the 31st October (Halloween!!), the 15 Queue Jumpers will be joined by another 15 winners from their G600 Queue Jumper Facebook Gallery (more hot chicks and hot guys to oggle at!!). The winner will win an amazing portfolio and photo shoot managed by one of Europe's leading model agencies Independent Talent worth a cool £10,000. So you can actually head to their website to vote for your favourite guy or girl, or just check out the guide to the most uber glamorous clubs in the UK.

Screenshot of the competition.


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