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I don't know what to wear already!!

Don't know what to wear already to work!! I don't want to go!!! *Throws tantrum*

heheh, no-lah, imagine not wanting to go to work just because I don't know what outfit to throw together wear.

Reminds me of the time Joyce and I were in Rome at Spagna, and she started throwing a tantrum because we were hot, exhausted, cranky and annoyed. She was sick of navigating and I must say I don't blame her.

She damn kheng chau man, really pissed off already can still pose.

Anyhow, that girl is coming back, like REALLY REALLY SOON. So if you do manage to read this before you get back here, please bring back my Natwest debit card AND also my Rail card travel pass yah? Thanks babe! =) (Also if there's enough space in your luggage please help me buy Aeros yeah? You know the green & brown ones..)

Don't know if I've posted this picture up before, but what the heck. I <333 this picture. A lot.

Bless the person who helped us take this.

Anyway, I wanted to post up some other recent pictures since I just got my camera back, but I ter-left the charger AND the card reader in my car. Yeah. Forgot-lar. Getting old liao =( I dare NOT see the pictures in my camera now. Especially since my camera just left the clutches of a crazy German guy...xD (Sorry Ole, just taking the mickey out of you...=) )

I was SO NOT supposed to blog today. In fact, I'm supposed to be asleep already.

ah ling

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