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This is more stressful than getting married / Hair Kunst

I told the penguinboyfriend that the preparations to go overseas are more stressful than getting married and he asked me this:

"How do you know?" =.=""""

"%@#%!!!^&$*#!!" *jelingan maut* (<-- me)


*I'm plugging Hair Kunst @ The Curve, and NO, this is NOT a sponsored post*

Anyway I have a new look again (okay, not that new, but whatever) and the penguinboyfriend got his hair cut actually I forced him and even PAID for it but no one has to know at the same place I did my hair.

Hair Kunst @ the Curve rocks big time lampar(balls). For real.

The service is great, the stylists are super friendly, and the effect on my hair is excellent. instead of normal chinese tea, you get to choose from many more beverages.
Even though it took like many hours to get my hair done, and it was finished well after 10 pm, I liked the fact that the stylists there can still smile, and did NOT hurry through the process to shoo the customer(me!) out. Bambang was so nice, when he heard that I am about to leave for overseas, he gave me a little pressie (for luck, he says). So SWEET!! If you go, please check out the interior. I like the black and white flowered wall-paper and the mosaic wall (at the hair-washing area).

To get there, go to the Asian Courtyard (Halo cafe and Sakae Sushi side) at the Curve, take the lift to the second floor. Once you get out of the lift, turn right (the eye lasik centre will be on your left) and Hair Kunst!

They are having a promotion, btw, so doing my hair costs only half of what it would normally.

Thanks, Adam, for recommending that place. Worth every sen of my RM255 (Rm 200 for rebonding and RM 55 for the penguinboyfriend's hair wash+cut+blow dry).

Ah Ying, if you go, use my name hor..and go faster, cos' the promotion is so damn cheap (hair length does not matter) AND they use Schwarzkopf products.


I'm posting a slightly longer than usual blog entry today cos the penguinboyfriend remarked that I hardly blog nowadays.

Anyway, I would like to announce that from today onwards, my Celcom line has been disconnected, and if any one of you would like to contact me/help me reload my phone, well, my 016 number is stil in the picture.

The penguinboyfriend gets 'custody' of both my PDAs (including my new O2 Atom *sob sob*). Why does it seem that I never get to use my new phones for a long time before they fall into the evil clutches of the penguin boyfriend end up in the penguinboyfriend's 'custody'? i am beginning to see a trend here. Hhmmm....


It's good to know that Donny is still alive. Probably he is preoccupied with the new 'toy', heheh.
Better come and see me off and bring me my 'present' hor
Donny, or else I'll.....(I won't snap your cock in half, don't worry, that action is reserved specially for the penguinboyfriend only IF he cheats on me)....... I also don't know what I'll do. Maybe I could get a pet monkey (a male one) and train it to piss on Don's head, what a good idea, don't you think so? XD

Okay, enough of being 'cheong hei' already, especially since my empty luggage bags are crying out to me to fill them *tries to get bags to shut up*. Either they're making too much noise or else I'm becoming more delusional.

ah ling

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Once again, I cannot BELIEVE that you're already leaving! Gosh!

Anyway, I hope to see you soon. I'll be heading up to Alton Towers (I HOPE!!) at the end of June and since it is so near Sheffield, you should come! If not, I'll come visit you anyway! ;p

And it's summer so bring slutty clothes. Still feels cold tho, but come June/July (Summer's a bit delayed since the weather's fucked) PWOAR!

lol. Seeya, babe! Will definitely be looking forward to it! x

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