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GoFish.com - Do you feel like seducing a celeb?

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Okay, I think that this would interest all of you guys out there who dig hot brunette chicks. Keep reading. What would you say if I told you that the chick in particular which you can seducewin a date with is Mirelly Taylor, a Hollywood celebrity who has acted in movies like Serving Sara, Kiss Me Again and also appeared in television shows like Numb3rs, and Punk'd? Wouldn't you be interested in knowing how to win a date with her?

What exactly is this about? Basically, this
"Seduce A Celeb" competition will run on GoFish.com for the next 14 weeks. People interested in dating seducing a particular celebrity featured on GoFish.com should watch the celebrity's call to action which helps guide the participant in making their video. Be creative, unique, kooky, freaky, hey, the more outlandish and different your video is, the better your chances of winning a date with your chosen celebrity.

Besides checking out the Free videos at GoFish.com, take time off to see the current contestants' video submissions and laugh, cry or just feel like knocking their heads off with whatever you have in hand when you watch their videos. (Think you are much better looking and can do so much better? Put your mouth where the money is and do it!)

It is great that readers are given the opportunity to participate in competitions like this. Especially if one has been lusting a fan of the celebrity for ever so long, here is your chance to quit dreaming about meeting the star in person or to quit stalking them as this is a legitimate opportunity to meet and greet him or her in the flesh. Anyhow, I think it is a really cool contest as imagine telling your friends that you seduceddated a Hollywood babe.Heh. Be prepared to start smirking then.


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